Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers II : Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers II : Revenge of The Fallen

Transformers II !!!!!
It was my FIRST time
went to watch movie in Time Square : ImaX..!!!
it got a really.... really....
BIG screen!!!!
i heard it's 10 storeys height!!! do.Ob woots...

throughout the whole movie i nonstop rolling me eyes d@.@b
jz to follow the action...
it's pretty cool thought :D

we ( 37 of us )
fellow church members
freshies that some of our church members brought.
I never had that Big group of ppl going for a movie before xD
it turns out great!!!

next time gonna try watching movie in ImaX..!!! :D

see ya in ImaX!

Autobots, Roll Out @@@...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jason Lee's Bachelor Convo

Today was Jason's Bachelor Convocation!
Congratulation to him!!!
the sky during the convo

outside the college hall

I went for his convo after my class ended
he came out from college hall at around 11:15..
so i waited at canteen2 with some of my classmate
and had my breakfast there
while waiting for Ps. Jason. Darren & Dawson to arrive.

The convo is only for SAS students
in Bachelor Degree i think XD

ah yes~~
He found a job in Mount Kiara area,
about 20minutes drive from Wangsa Maju.
not so far if have a car.
it's a software programming company i heard.
waow~ can program software or maybe games XD

a new chapter of his life begins :D

All the best Jason..!!!
and God bless your future!!!

Packed Sunday

Last Sunday was a really a packed day.
After church's Praise Celebration,
we( Lok, Jiunnie, Ah Yang & me) went to Low Yat.
Accompany Lok buy camera,
but ended up,
he bought his >> Panasonic LX-3 << in Sungei Wang xD
the camera was a shrunk size of a DSLR camera,
it have the function of a DSLR in it!
can add flash light somemore!
and ofkoz the price is around the same as a DSLR.
we passed thru T.Square & saw Mazda showroom...

Berjaya Times Square

Mazda MX-5

Mazda RX-8

Mazda 3

Mazda AZ-1

Volkswagen-Casio ( at carpark xD )

we hangED around that area till about 17:30
then Lok fetched Jiunnie & Ah Yang
back to their home around the PJ site.

We reached Wangsa Maju about 19:30,
went for dinner at Danau Kota.
Lok belanja wehh~~~
hahah! XD
Me, Faith, Nicole, SR, Joshua & Lok
6ppl all together.
Was planning to eat Durian!
but too FULL after dinner XD
so, no durian that night~ @@


Lok with his Panasonic LX-3 camera xD

SR & Nicole playing tugs of war with iTouch xD

Joshua prophesying~!

& i became the 'Hulk'

Well, quite a tired day actually.
Travel here and there for half a day.
But, it was a great & fun day! XD

till then...c ya ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 subjects fully(100%) coursework?!?!


3 subjects will be fully(100%) coursework?!?!

Did i heard it wrongly?!


Nope, i didn't heard it wrongly!!!

Just got to know today that there's gonna be
3 subjects that will be 100% full coursework!!!
that 3 subjects stated below:

Layout & Illustration,
Drawing II

As for Introduction to Advertising
English for Mass Comm.
both will have final exam @.@

But when i comes to think of it,

In a positive way:

It's good!!! no final exam for that 3 subjects!! Yahoo!!!

In the other way round:

Our assignments is our 'test',
every inches of our assig. is our 'final exam' @.@

well, that wouldn't be a problem!
(problem)s is for us to overcome it!!! ^^
We are OVERCOMERS..!!! :D
yes! this included u! ^^

I once received a msg from my friends,
it's written in this way:

God! I have a big problem here.
Please help me, God.

instead of telling God the problem(s) we're facing,
Why don't we say:

Hey problem!
I have a BIG God! ^^

All The Best Everyone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ebenezer 2nd year: Graphic Design ツ

~One year passed~

Now I'm in second year already!
YeaH! ^^

Thank God for His grace & love upon me throughout this whole year

I really had a great & wonderful time with my family & friends
Yes! it's u! the one reading this blog right now :)

Lots of thing going on throughout this whole year actually,
especially in college;
1stly: Assignments...
2ndly: Assignments...
3rdly: Assignments...
Lastly: Assignments again...

Like we're non stop having assignments.
Well, that's a lot of thing we can learn while we're doing assignment.

Group assignment for example;
we can get to know their strength(hidden abilities)
from the way they do their assignment.
Sometime we might get 'pek chek'
when they didn't do well in their assigned part la..
psssk~ don't worry, it's not u. ^^

Besides college,
I had my great time with my family back in hometown too ^^
in Singapore with my sister's family as well ^^
I wanna pray for them to have good health & strength
wherever there are :D
this one included u~ ya u ;D

~see ya~
take care
God Bless You!

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